Find The Best Prenatal Vitamin for You & Your Baby


Finding the right prenatal vitamin can be tough but it’s so important. But there are 100s of products containing a wide variety of ingredients and each promises to be “complete” or “the best”. So how can you really know which ones are best for you and your baby?

We can help! At, we’ve analyzed and reviewed hundreds of prenatal vitamins based on the following criteria:

  • Ingredients
  • Potency & Quality
  • Safety
  • Long-Term Results
  • Customer Reviews
  • Overall Value

After reviewing more than 100 prenatal vitamins, we’ve narrowed our top choices down to 5. See our expert’s recommended top-rated prenatal vitamins below.

The 3 Best Prenatal Vitamins of 2014

#1. Prenatalgyn – Best Overall Prenatal Vitamin 3 Years Straight!

Ingredients: 98/100
Potency & Quality: 98/100
Safety: 99/100
Long-Term Results: 99/100
Customer Reviews: 99/100
Overall Value: 98/100

Prenatalgyn is the most advanced and most impressive prenatal vitamin that’s ever been available. By combining the most beneficial formula with a great price, both women and OBGYNs have rated Prenatalgyn the #1 prenatal vitamin for years. Prenatalgyn provides women 35 key vitamins and minerals that offer the best benefits you’ll ever get from a prenatal vitamin.

Prenatalgyn is the best all-natural way to combat morning sickness and is easy to digest. The body quickly absorbs every one of the ingredients to help keep both you and your baby as healthy as possible while you’re trying to get pregnant and throughout your pregnancy. This advanced prenatal formula utilizes scientific advancements to strengthen your baby’s immune system while preventing heartburn, constipation, cramping and nausea that come with being pregnant. Every bottle of Prenatalgyn is 100% GUARANTEED to help you and your little one.

#2. Proviq – Most Complete Prenatal Vitamin

Ingredients: 99/100
Potency & Quality: 98/100
Safety: 96/100
Long-Term Results: 98/100
Customer Reviews: 99/100
Overall Value: 98/100

No other prenatal vitamin delivers better results for a great low price than Proviq. Proviq is perfectly priced and expertly developed to provide every benefit of higher-priced formulas for less than $25. Proviq provides the key doctor-recommended vitamins, nutrients and minerals for both baby and mother.

With 27 essential vitamins and minerals including folic acid, DHA and calcium, Proviq provides the healthy support you need. Proviq has been shown to help support healthy development for the fetus and enhance your health as a woman. Women agree there’s no better value available for a prenatal vitamin.

#3. One A Day Prenatal – Popular Prenatal Vitamin

Ingredients: 94/100
Potency & Quality: 96/100
Safety: 95/100
Long-Term Results: 94/100
Customer Reviews: 95/100
Overall Value: 95/100

One A Day Prenatal is a great way to get the support you and your baby need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy development. One A Day is one of the best multivitamin manufacturers so it’s no surprise to see they’ve developed one of the best prenatal vitamins. You get a prenatal vitamin you can trust created just for you with Omega-3 DHA and high concentrations of iron and folic acid. Whether you’re just planning to get pregnant or already pregnant, One A Day is a great daily prenatal vitamin.

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