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  • Is NOW Prenatal a good prenatal vitamin? Yes.
  • Is NOW Prenatal the best prenatal vitamin? No.
I'm looking for prenatal vitamins with clinically-proven vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contain the clinically proven safe & effective dosage of nutrients that will help mother deliver the healthiest baby possible. This year's best prenatal vitamin is Prenatalgyn for its use of the latest clinically proven ingredients that are proven to significantly increase your chances of delivering a healthier baby. Click here to read my review or go to the official site.

NOW Prenatal comes close to being a really good prenatal vitamin.  It contains 23 vitamins and minerals and even has 100% of the recommended daily amount of calcium which is almost unheard of.  It has choline and inositol.  Choline promotes the development of the nervous system and cannot promote learning and memory throughout your child’s life.  By including it in a prenatal vitamin you are giving your child a huge boost in life which can lead to better performance throughout his life. Inositol works together with folic acid to improve neural development and can help to further reduce the chances of developing neural tube defects.

Unfortunately, that is about where the benefits of NOW Prenatal stop.  It is still lacking several other important ingredients that can significantly improve your baby’s development.  DHA is necessary to promote brain and eye development.  It can be obtained in the diet through eating fish but most of the time pregnant women are discouraged from eating certain types of fish so it could be difficult to get enough DHA.  You also need ginger in a good prenatal vitamin in order to prevent or reduce nausea.

The top prenatal vitamins include CoQ10 and probiotics as well.  Unfortunately, this combination is not included in very many prenatal vitamins and is really what separates an average vitamin from an above average vitamin.  NOW Prenatal includes most of the requirements for a top prenatal vitamin but still falls short.  Since your baby needs the best nutrition during this crucial time of life you certainly want to spend a little extra money in order to make sure that your baby has everything he needs.

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NOW Prenatal
  Trimedisyn Home
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NOW Prenatal
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Total Vitamins and Minerals 24 23
800mcg of Folic Acid
100% USRDA of Calcium

Probiotics (Clinically Proven Dosage)
CoQ10 (Clinically Proven Dosage)
Ginger to Stop Nausea
Money Back Guarantee
MSRP $74.95 $17.98
Best Price Online $49.99 $9.49

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