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  • Is Prenate DHA a good prenatal vitamin? Yes.
  • Is Prenate DHA the best prenatal vitamin? No.
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Have you fallen under the misconception that a prescription prenatal vitamin is better than an over-the-counter prenatal vitamin?  Maybe after looking at Prenate DHA you will understand that prescription is not always better.  Prenate DHA has only 9 vitamins and minerals and requires a prescription.  It is also a rather expensive product for what you get.  The main thing Prenate DHA is useful for is including DHA.  Studies have been performed which show that diets rich in DHA during pregnancy have significant health benefits for both you and your baby.  Recovery can be faster for women who have used DHA.  It can also help to prevent depression and can improve brain development in your baby.

While we are impressed with the DHA that is included in Prenate DHA we are concerned about the lack of additional quality ingredients.  It contains only 14% of the recommended daily value of calcium which is certainly a nutrient you don’t want to skimp on during your baby’s development.  It is also missing probiotics which could further help with your recovery since it can help you to lose pregnancy weight faster and get your sexy body back.

Ginger is included in Prenate DHA which is impressive since it can help you to overcome morning sickness.  It has been estimated that more than 85% of women experience nausea during the first trimester.  Wouldn’t you want to use a product that can help you to enjoy every aspect of your pregnancy instead of leaving you sick and wondering what you have done?  Another unpleasant aspect of pregnancy is constipation.  Luckily, Prenate DHA has included a natural stool softener which can help to relieve your constipation without causing diarrhea.

Prenate DHA contains a lot of DHA which is certainly a bonus.  But they have included hydrogenated oils food colorings that can potentially be harmful to your baby.  If they were to remove these harmful additives and include more of the crucial ingredients they would be at par with the other top prenatal vitamins.  As it stands, Prenate DHA is lacking in key areas which could make their product the best on the market.

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Prenate DHA
  Trimedisyn Home
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Prenate DHA
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Total Vitamins and Minerals 24 9
800mcg of Folic Acid
100% USRDA of Calcium

(Only 14%)
Probiotics (Clinically Proven Dosage)
CoQ10 (Clinically Proven Dosage)
Ginger to Stop Nausea
Money Back Guarantee
MSRP $74.95 $64.25
Best Price Online $49.99 $64.25

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