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  • Is Prenexa a good prenatal vitamin? Yes.
  • Is Prenexa the best prenatal vitamin? No.
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Prenexa is a prescription prenatal vitamin which lacks the quality you may associate with prescription products. It includes a shockingly low 7 vitamins and minerals which does not give you nearly enough to support your health or your baby’s health.  In fact, you would get more benefits from using a regular over-the-counter vitamin and not even a prenatal vitamin than you would using Prenexa.

If you look at the comparison chart you can see how Prenexa stacks up against the top prenatal vitamin.  Aside from coming short in the vitamins and minerals it is lacking in nearly every other category.  Prenexa has only 16% of the required calcium which is not nearly enough especially when compared to 100% as is in the top prenatal vitamin. In addition it is missing probiotics, inositol, choline, ginger, and CoQ10.

On the other hand Prenexa does contain DHA which increases its standing as a prenatal vitamin.  That one ingredient doesn’t take it to the top but it makes it better than it otherwise would be.  DHA can help with your baby’s brain and eye development.  It is derived from fish oils so if you are allergic to fish you will want to avoid using it.  But DHA can help to decrease depression among pregnant and post-partum women.

Prenexa is not the top product that we have seen although we are impressed with the inclusion of DHA.  It contains many dyes and oils that cannot be helping with your baby’s growth and development.  When you have such a small developing fetus these dyes and oils (including petroleum) could have a negative impact on your baby.

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Total Vitamins and Minerals 24 7
800mcg of Folic Acid
100% USRDA of Calcium

(Only 16%)
Probiotics (Clinically Proven Dosage)
CoQ10 (Clinically Proven Dosage)
Ginger to Stop Nausea
Money Back Guarantee
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