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  • Is Vitafol-OB a good prenatal vitamin? Yes.
  • Is Vitafol-OB the best prenatal vitamin? No.
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Many women have a difficult time swallowing prenatal vitamins because they are huge.  Looking at some of them makes many people question how it can get down their throat without choking them!  Vitafol-OB is a prescription prenatal vitamin which contains prescription strength folic acid.  It has been recommended that any woman of child bearing age needs a prenatal vitamin which contains enough folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.  Unfortunately, it seems like the only thing Vitafol-OB has to offer is extra folic acid.  They are even lacking in calcium by containing a mere 10% of the recommended daily amount.  For such a crucial nutrient it is unfortunate that Vitafol-OB cannot contain any more.

Despite the impressive amounts of folic acid and iron Vitafol-OB is lacking in inositol which is necessary to further prevent neural tube defects.  Folic acid can prevent only about 70% of neural tube defects but adding inositol has proven to prevent defects even in families with a history of defects. DHA is also included in the top products and not in Vitafol-OB.  It plays an important role in brain development and can improve cognition and memory after birth.

Vitafol-OB is also lacking in choline, ginger, probiotics, and CoQ10.  It does contain B Vitamins which help to prevent nausea but ginger is the most effective ingredient at preventing nausea.  Pre-eclampsia sometimes affects pregnant women and can be a fatal condition.  It is essentially hypertension during pregnancy which causes the hands and feet to swell excessively.  If not treated properly, it can lead to problems for mother and baby.  Including CoQ10 can help to reduce pre-eclampsia making your pregnancy safer and encouraging better development in your baby’s brain. Vitafol-OB can offer folic acid and iron, but if you are looking for a complete prenatal vitamin you may want to consider one of the top vitamins even if it is over the counter.

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Total Vitamins and Minerals 24 15
800mcg of Folic Acid
100% USRDA of Calcium

(Only 10%)
Probiotics (Clinically Proven Dosage)
CoQ10 (Clinically Proven Dosage)
Ginger to Stop Nausea
Money Back Guarantee
MSRP $74.95 $70.52
Best Price Online $49.99 $70.52

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