Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Review

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy VitaminsVitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins aim to provide a tasty alternative to large, chalky prenatal vitamins. Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins promise to be a great-tasting source of essential nutrients like Omega-3, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and D.

When you’re pregnant and it’s a fight to keep anything down, the last thing you want to do is try to choke down a large pill. Many women complain about prenatal vitamins that are large and trigger their gag reflex.

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins offers a nice alternative, but will they really give you all the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for the best fetal development?

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Ingredients

Though we were suspicious about the actual nutritional value of a gummy, the ingredient formula for Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins is actually fairly impressive.

Aside from the usual vitamins like vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, and B6, there are other high quality ingredients like folic acid, iron, DHA, and choline.

You may already know about the benefits of folic acid; it helps prevent neural tube defects. Iron is another familiar nutrient that encourages healthy blood and can help prevent conditions such as preeclampsia and anemia.

These are great ingredients, but what’s really impressive about Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins is the inclusion of DHA and choline. DHA encourages optimal brain development, and can even put your baby ahead developmentally. DHA may even reduce the risk of postpartum depression for you!

Choline is another high quality ingredient that has benefits for the baby’s ability to learn and remember. Like folic acid, it can also help prevent neural tube defects.

Unfortunately, Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins do not contain calcium. Calcium is important to maintain your own bone health and to encourage strong bones and teeth in your growing baby.

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Price

You can find Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins online for about $9.00. You can’t argue with a price like that, especially considering the quality of ingredients in Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins.

Should You Try Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins?

Overall, Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins are pretty impressive. They contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as high quality ingredients all for a low price.

But with a gummy vitamin, you’re probably wondering the same thing we are—do they really taste good? In the early weeks of pregnancy the last thing you need is another bad taste that may trigger nausea or vomiting, so what do real people say about Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins?

Many customers report that the taste really isn’t bad, though they do suggest not taking them first thing in the morning if you’re especially nauseous. If you have trouble swallowing pills, then these prenatal vitamins may be the right choice for you.

If you do choose to take Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins, you should take into account the lack of calcium. You may want to take a calcium supplement if you go this route.

However, there are prenatal vitamins out there that already have calcium and other high quality ingredients. If you want it all in one pill, check out the best prenatal vitamins.

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